Pete has been working very hard at his therapy and it is paying off with some significant improvements.  In the last few weeks his right hip is getting much stronger as you can see in the attached video of Pete walking with KAFO using parallel bars.


In the next video, you can see how strong Pete's lower right leg is getting.  His leg is held by a sling and he is able to move the lower leg forward and back.  Fantastic progress!


In this final video, Pete is crawling which provides great input to the spinal cord.  This is extremely difficult but the benefits are well worth all the hard work.


Edna said...

Wonderful work, Peter! My prayers are always with you.


Jane said...

Looking good Pete! Keep your eye on the prize,


Anonymous said...

Good job Uncle Pete! Keep it up!

Paul Devitt said...

Pete, we're so happy to see to your progress. Your dedication is an inspiration for us.

Thank you for be a source of hope.

Barb McGivern said...

So good to see you Peter -- you still look just like a handsome Ryan O'Neal and I am glad to hear your sense of humor on this video. I hope your therapists get to hear your boisterous laugh every now and then, too! Congratulations on your progress -- I'll keep checking in on you, and of course, praying for you, Rita and your beautiful children. -- Barb Lammers McGivern

Susan said...

Peter, Great work Peter!