Therapy at NextSteps

NextSteps Chicago, a Spinal Cord Injury Center, is one of the two primary centers Pete is currently using for therapy.  NextSteps practices the latest protocols in activity based motion therapies that help spinal cord injury clients regain function.  In the attached video, Pete is working with Greg, one of the NextSteps therapists, on standing and then dipping down.  This dipping exercise engages Pete's legs and gluts and increases his upper body strength.  This specific therapy is performed several times a week.   Pete does not use any leg braces and is able to feel his muscles really assisting as he is moving.  Fantastic progress!

For more information on NextSteps check out their website at

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Margaret Osborn said...

Hi Peter,

I just watched the videos of your fantastic progress and I wanted to leave you a message!

Please know my Mom and I continue to pray for you as you continue to make amazing strides towards your ultimate goal. My Mom called the Carmelie Nuns in Eldridge asking them to pray for you by name. Their prayers are very strong and as you know prayers are never wasted. We wish you continued success as you work incredibly hard each and every day.

Love to you and your family,

Margaret Osborn