I have some exciting news. 

Up until now Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES ) did not work on my body from my midsection down.

At NextSteps they have been using the Restorative Therapies RT-300 bike .  Electrodes are attached to my quads, abs and erector muscles in my back.

The electrical current activates the nerves and consequently contracts the muscles.

The great thing about this is that not only does it help my muscles but I also feel it as well, which provides my spinal cord with feedback.

It is all about feedback to the spinal column.  Due to the injury the pathways of communication were disrupted.  Working with this types of therapy helps retrain my spinal cord. 

The contractions are small but they seem to have gotten stronger over time. 

I own a Motomed that my dear friends Tom and Linda Salonek purchased for me. 

It is instrumental in helping me keep my leg muschles healthy.

I am going to look to add Motomed FES module so I can do this at home too.

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Jane from Minnesota said...

That is great news!!!